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High Net Worth Divorce In Florida: Real Life Versus TV Drama


Many people are familiar with the legal concepts and process through fictional accounts and some may even have personal experience with high net worth divorce in Florida. While TV shows and films do an excellent job of achieving their goal, which is to engage and entertain you as the audience. However, the methods are rarely  helpful when it comes to making sense of divorce in a real-life situation. In fact, relying on this information could harm your rights and jeopardize your post-divorce future.

If you are considering or going through divorce in Florida, it is wise to save the drama for entertainment purposes and rely on a Dade City divorce lawyer for legal help. A few examples can shed some light on the very important differences between reality versus TV divorce.

  1. TV divorce envisions a win-lose scenario for marital assets. In a real-life divorce, neither party will get a victory while watching the other lose it all. Instead, Florida’s divorce laws require equitable distribution of all martial property and debts acquired. The statute envisions a fair asset division that will serve the interests of justice and not leave one ex-spouse destitute. 
  1. The wife always gets alimony on the show. Spousal support can be a hotly contested issue in divorce, but do not assume that the wife will be the recipient. In assessing alimony, the court will first determine which type of alimony is requested and whether the requesting spouse has the need for the requested alimony and then whether that other spouse has the ability to pay alimony. There are a number of factors that the court will address in evaluating these factors.
  1. A cheating spouse on TV does not suffer the consequences for adultery. It might go ignored on your favorite show but, in actuality, a Florida divorce court judge WILL consider misconduct in certain situations. For instance:
  • If adultery was linked to significant dissipation of assets, a court could make a disproportionate award when dividing marital property.
  • Cheating and abuse can impact the judge’s decision on child custody or visitation, since this misconduct could be viewed as contrary to the child’s best interests.
  1. A long, drawn out court battle draws viewers to their favorite TV show. Ratings have no bearing in a real high net worth divorce, in which most parties want to eliminate the drama and move through the process expeditiously and privately. It is possible to resolve many issues by proceeding with a collaborative divorce, agreement or mediation, so you avoid endless court hearings.

Contact a Florida High Net Worth Divorce Attorney for a Reality Check 

From these examples, you can see that TV and films are not a credible source of information on the Florida divorce process. When the value of the marital estate is high, so are the stakes, making it critical to retain an experienced lawyer to protect your interests. For personalized legal advice, please contact The Law Office of Laurie R. Chane to set up a consultation. After learning more about your circumstances, we can develop a strategy for resolving high net worth divorce issues.

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