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Dade City Divorce & Estate Planning Lawyer / Land O’Lakes Estate Planning Lawyer

Land O’Lakes Estate Planning Lawyer

Even though many Floridians are well-aware of how important estate planning is for their personal and family interests, statistics indicate a gap in actual progress doing so. According to the results of a survey conducted by Caring.com, 2 out of 3 adults in the US do not have a will, and approximately 18 percent are unfamiliar with other important estate planning documents. Of these, many are procrastinators, some do not know how to go about estate planning, while others do not believe they have enough assets to create a will.

When you learn the unfortunate situation that can result without estate planning, you soon realize that there are very few credible reasons to avoid it. Because the topic can be sensitive, it is smart to work with a Land O’Lakes estate planning lawyer who has the experience and knowledge to make you feel comfortable through the process. Please contact The Law Office of Laurie R. Chane to set up a consultation, and take time to review some basics.

Florida Estate Planning Goals and Strategies

Many people jump into the estate planning conversation wanting to know their options, but it is important to grasp the larger picture. When you have some information on the benefits, you can better assess how they can help you reach your objectives. The Law Office of Laurie R. Chane can describe how a well-executed estate plan can:

  • Address the possibility of incapacity, so your loved ones can make health care decisions and manage your assets without the need for court involvement;
  • Make your wishes known regarding medical treatment and end-of-life care;
  • Avoid probate entirely through proper structuring of your plan and ownership of assets;
  • Plan for a loved one with special needs in such a way as to ensure that person still qualifies for public assistance;
  • Protect your legacy for future generations.

Estate Planning Options

With your goals in mind, our Land O’Lakes estate planning attorneys will advise you on various strategies. There are three components that will apply in almost every situation:

  1. Your will, in which you name an executor and provide instructions on the handling of your final affairs;
  2. Powers of attorney that appoint an agent who is authorized to manage your assets if you become incapacity; and
  3. Advance directives focusing on your health-related issues, including:
    1. Designation of Health Care Surrogate to appoint an agent to handle medical decision-making;
    2. Living will to make your wishes known about medical care to prolong your life; and
    3. Do Not Resuscitate Order (DNRO) instructing physicians to not provide support in the event of cardiac or respiratory arrest.

In addition, our team can explain the use of trusts in estate planning, including living trusts, special needs trusts, and other structures for protecting your privacy  and assets.

Set Up a Consultation with a Land O’Lakes Estate Planning Attorney

For more information about estate planning in Florida, please contact The Law Office of Laurie R. Chane to set up a consultation. You can reach an estate planning lawyer by calling 352-567-0055 or checking us out online. Our firm advises clients throughout Pasco County, so we are ready to serve your needs.

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