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Dade City Divorce & Estate Planning Lawyer / Wesley Chapel Mediation Lawyer 

Wesley Chapel Mediation Lawyer 

Many divorces can be resolved completely out of the court system, freeing up time, reducing costs and stress, and keeping everything confidential, unlike a divorce resolved by a judge. One of the most successful ways to come to a mutual agreement on everything from child custody to asset division is to use a mediator—an impartial former attorney or judge whose job is to carve out a path of compromise so that both spouses get a fair say. Mediation is not for every couple. If the marriage has become overly hostile, or abusive, or if communication has completely shut down, mediation may not work. If you have questions about mediation, or would like to begin the divorce process, our Wesley Chapel mediation lawyers at The Law Office of Laurie R. Chane are here to help. Mediation requires that each spouse has an attorney experienced in the collaborative divorce process, and our lawyers have helped countless clients reach desirable outcomes through mediation and open dialogue with the other party.

How Does Mediation Work?

There are bound to be issues that you and your spouse do not agree on. Who gets the family pet? Who stays in the home, and what does the other spouse receive for leaving the home? Any disagreements that the spouses have can be resolved in mediation. The process works as such: each spouse arrives with their attorney to the mediator’s office or offices. The mediator, who will be a retired judge or attorney educated in conflict resolution, helps the spouses reach an agreement by presenting each side’s arguments, wishes, and counterarguments. At the end of the day, the spouses can decide on a legal agreement and sign it, dissolving the marriage, or they can decide not to resolve anything that day. Sometimes the spouses will agree on child custody and division of assets, for example, but not on spousal support or child support. If no agreement is made for any specific issue, other methods can be used in the following months, including additional dialogue, mediation, or going through the court system.

Mediation Requires Resolving Issues in a Non Combative Manner

95 percent of divorces are handled outside of the court system, according to Forbes. Many are resolved through mediation. Mediation requires the ability to communicate with the other party in a non-hostile manner, a willingness to reach compromises, and a cool head when it comes to discussing even the most distressing subjects surrounding your divorce. Mediation is not recommended for marriages in which sexual assault, physical violence, threats, coercion, verbal abuse, stalking, or other forms of domestic violence are present. One study found that some form of intimate partner abuse was prevalent in a third of marriages dissolved or attempted to be resolved by mediation. Needless to say, most issues had to be re-addressed in the court system, including protection orders.

Contact a Wesley Chapel Mediation Lawyer Today

If mediation sounds like it could work for you, we encourage you to call The Law Office of Laurie R. Chane to talk with one of our experienced Wesley Chapel mediation attorneys. Call us today at 352-567-0055 to schedule a meeting.

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