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Dade City Divorce & Estate Planning Lawyer / Land O’Lakes Property Division Lawyer

Land O’Lakes Property Division Lawyer

Every Florida divorce case is different, but almost every couple going through dissolution of marriage proceedings will need to address property division. You have probably acquired many different types of assets during the course of your marriage, including real estate, personal property, investments, and others. Florida divorce law requires equitable distribution of these items, which generally means fairness in divvying up property. However, it is the specifics that can lead to disputes and challenges with the divorce process.

Because property division can be highly contentious, it is smart to retain an experienced attorney who will protect your interests and post-divorce future. Our team at The Law Office of Laurie R. Chane has the skills to overcome challenges, backed by in-depth knowledge of the relevant laws. Please contact us to schedule a consultation with a Land O’Lakes property division lawyer who can explain the details. Some general information may also be useful.

Property Division in Florida Divorce Cases

The equitable distribution statute provides for a two-step analysis for addressing assets and debts in a divorce case:

  1. The initial inquiry involves separating items into marital and separate categories. The default rule is that property and debts belong to the individual when they are acquired before marriage; however, there can be blurred lines with marital assets, so the wedding date is not the only consideration.
  2. The next step is to divvy up all marital assets and debts according to the principles of equity. As mentioned, equitable means fairness and justness. It may not be an equal 50-50 split, and the judge will consider numerous factors when dividing property.

Options for Resolving Asset Division

Florida law encourages parties to agree on property division, and compromise is a wise strategy when appropriate. You have more control over the divorce process, including classifying assets and debts, establishing value, and then dividing them. If some disputes remain, a court will likely order you to mediation to resolve disagreements. A Land O’Lakes property division attorney can assist by guiding you in settlement negotiations, representing you at mediation, and drafting the essential paperwork.

However, if you cannot reach an agreement on property division, it will be necessary to go to a contested hearing before a judge. This proceeding is similar to a trial, so you can trust The Law Office of Laurie R. Chane to handle such tasks as:

  • Gathering evidence to support your position;
  • Presenting exhibits and testimony regarding disputed issues;
  • Cross-examining witnesses presented by opposing counsel; and
  • Making legal arguments to obtain the best possible outcome.

Speak to a Land O’Lakes Property Division Attorney About Your Rights

This overview may help you understand the basics, but it is important to work with qualified legal counsel for asset division in a real-life Florida divorce case. Our team at The Law Office of Laurie R. Chane can assist with negotiating an agreement and court proceedings, so please contact us to set up a consultation. You can call at 352-567-0055 or visit us online to reach our Pasco County location.

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