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Dade City Divorce & Estate Planning Lawyer / Land O’Lakes Domestic Violence Injunction Lawyer

Land O’Lakes Domestic Violence Injunction Lawyer

Even though physical attacks and violence are crimes, Florida law provides victims of domestic violence with additional options to protect themselves and loved ones against such misconduct. State law defines a process through which someone can obtain a domestic violence injunction that prohibits an individual from engaging in violence or other acts. Whether you are seeking an order of protection or must defend the allegations, you put your rights at risk unless you have skilled legal representation.

Our team at The Law Office of Laurie R. Chane has years of experience assisting clients get the protection and security they need in the presence of domestic abuse. We are equally committed to fighting on behalf of those facing allegations of violence, especially where protective orders are based upon false or exaggerated claims. Please contact our firm to set up consultation with a Land O’Lakes domestic violence injunction lawyer today, and check out a helpful overview.

Legal Proceedings for Protective Orders

The key to Florida’s domestic violence injunction law is that it provides a process for getting an order of protection on an emergency basis. By filing a petition supported by a sworn affidavit, a person can request the court to issue an injunction ex parte– meaning without providing notice to the other party, termed the respondent. The order may prohibit the respondent from:

  • All contact and communication with the petitioner;
  • Being present in the petitioner’s residence, place of work, and other locations; and
  • Contact with minor children.

Because the emergency protective order is issued without notice to the respondent, it expires within 15 days. At that point, there will be a hearing for both petitioner and respondent to present their positions. The judge may decide to extend the domestic violence injunction as necessary to protect the respondent, or the order of protection will be cancelled if there is insufficient evidence.

Protecting Your Rights and Safety

The Law Office of Laurie R. Chane is prepared to act quickly and aggressively to obtain an emergency protective order, so we will file the necessary documents and appear in court to support your petition. Our team will follow up by attending the next hearing in which we argue to extend the injunction to protect your safety.

If you are a respondent, it is critical to retain a Land O’Lakes domestic violence injunction attorney right away. The paperwork you received may be very overwhelming, but you do have rights. It is important to comply with the terms of the order, while you work with our team to prepare for your court date. We will gather evidence and present arguments to contest extending the injunction.

Trust a Land O’Lakes Domestic Violence Injunction Attorney for Legal Help

If you are a party to an order of protection case in Florida, please contact The Law Office of Laurie R. Chane right away. You can schedule a consultation by calling 352-567-0055 or checking us out online. Our domestic violence injunction lawyers represent clients throughout Pasco County in many family law matters, and we are committed to serving your needs.

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