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Enduring a divorce is one of the most difficult experiences a person will ever face. The emotional and intellectual struggle with the loss of a marriage and the legal separation of people, children and property can create pain and loss during this already tough situation.

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If you are anticipating a divorce, it is important to seek a professional who can strongly advocate for you. Laurie R. Chane has more than 20 years of experience in the complexity of divorce law throughout Florida. She represents each client with the perfect blend of legal aggressiveness and empathy for her clients. She understands that the last thing anyone wants is a long, drawn-out court battle. That is why she discusses the best options with her clients to find a solution with which they feel comfortable. Ms. Chane provides her clients with peace of mind in the midst of their struggles.

There are several ways to accomplish a divorce in Florida. Ms. Chane will advise you of the options and steer you toward the process that best serves your particular situation.

Collaborative Divorce: A New Way To Resolve Disputes

Experiencing a divorce is difficult enough without having to endure a costly and drawn-out court battle with your spouse. The physical and mental stress on all those involved can take a huge toll. However, using a new approach, through a collaborative process, the parties can reach an agreement quickly and cost-effectively, without the emotional and physical stress that is often a part of divorce.

The Collaborative practice is a non-adversarial approach to a divorce. The parties and their lawyers enter into an agreement not to go to court. They agree to fully disclose all information needed and commit to truthfully respond to questions and requests for paperwork. Additional experts, in such areas as accounting and mental health, with special training in the collaborative divorce process, may be brought into the case to assist the parties in settling their differences.

Collaborative Practice helps each spouse anticipate their needs in moving forward, and include these in the discussions. When children are involved, Collaborative Divorce makes their future a number one priority. As a more respectful, dignified process, and helps families make a smoother transition to the next stage of their lives. The cooperative nature of this approach can reduce costs and helps with the emotional impact a contested divorce can have on a family.

Ms. Chane has the special training in the Collaborative Divorce process as well as over twenty years of experience in helping her clients navigate the murky waters of divorce. She will walk you through the collaborative divorce process so you know what to expect every step of the way. Ending a stage in life can be confusing and upsetting; Ms. Chane aims to guide you smoothly through this time and help you gain clarity and peace of mind.

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