Child Custody

Keeping the child's best interests at heart

As a parent, your children are the most important things in your life. You would do everything in your power to protect them from harm – even in cases of child custody. The complexity of a divorce case or the end of a relationship can become more complicated with the addition of a child or multiple children into the argument. If handled incorrectly, these conflicts can cause severe emotional trauma for the children involved.

If you are facing a child custody proceeding, make sure that you seek professionals who have the child’s best interest at heart. Laurie R. Chane has over twenty fives years of experience . She understands the emotional difficulty of these cases and strives to protect the rights of her clients and, most importantly, the rights of the child/children involved. She will match the court case with the skills and finesse needed to achieve the best outcome for her client and the child/children.

Laurie R. Chane’s goal is to achieve stability and health in the child’s life. If you are facing or will be facing a child custody battle, you need to know the statutory factors included in determining custody and how those factors apply to you.

Laurie R. Chane can develop a strategy to make sure that the child’s best interests are presented in court and help to protect the child from any additional emotional harm.

If a child custody dispute is in your future, don’t leave it to chance. Call the lawyer who promises to put your child first.