Mediation Services

Mediation Offers Alternatives to Litigation in Divorce and Family Law Issues

Mediation is the most common form of alternative dispute resolution and it is easily available to people involved in many types of legal disputes. Laurie R. Chane is certified by the Florida Supreme Court to handle mediation in several areas which include: Family Law, Circuit Civil and Foreclosure actions throughout the state of Florida.

Mediation can be an effective tool available to parties involved in a lawsuit. Instead of going to trial in front of a judge, mediation can resolve differences more quickly, less expensively while allowing the parties to be in control of the outcome.

In almost every type of case, the parties are required, and generally ordered by the Court, to attend and conduct mediation, although they before a party may seek a temporary relief hearing and a final mediation is required before the Court will set a cause for trial.

Mediation can often be the last chance for parties to resolve their differences between them, prior to placing the final outcome of their case in the hands of a judge. The process of mediation involves the use of an independent and neutral mediator, who is often an experienced attorney. The mediator helps the parties with the negotiation of a settlement of all or part of the issues pending in a case. The process is informal, non-adversarial, and confidential.

Successful mediation involves both parties making offers and counteroffers to each other, with the assistance of their attorneys and the mediator. Mediation doesn’t always result in a total settlement of all the issues. At a minimum, the settlement of some of the issues pending between the parties helps to focus and crystalize the issues holding parties apart. This has the added benefit of refining the issues that “must” be tried, even though the parties may agree on many other issues. The goal is to find a compromise that both parties can accept. While there is no requirement to come to an agreement during the mediation, failing to do so often results in both the higher monetary and emotional expense of going to trial.

Ms. Chane is a Florida Supreme Court certified mediator in the areas of Family Law, Circuit Civil and Foreclosure. She understands and appreciates the many benefits to mediation.