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Tips to Help Your Senior Parent Age in Place


Almost all of my clients express to me that they want to stay in their own home  in lieu of moving into a nursing home.  When we talk about “aging in place,” this is what we mean. While you or your parent may feel that way, that doesn’t mean that aren’t very valid concerns.. You likely worry about safety and if they will be able to care for themselves. Aging in place, however, has many benefits for older adults. They are able to stay in the home they have been in for many years, and remain close to their friends, neighbors, and support systems.

There are things you can do to remain independent and alleviate some of the fears. Below, our Pasco County elder law attorney outlines what these are.

Make Necessary Home Modifications 

Making modifications to your parent’s home may be necessary to ensure it is accessible and safe. You may need to include bar grabs in the shower, widen doorways to allow for a wheelchair, or add handrails on stairs. An occupational therapist can help you determine what personalized modifications you need.

Create a Support Network 

You and your parent will have to rely heavily on family, friends, and neighbors for support. Speak with anyone in the support network about your parent’s wishes to age in place and any specific concerns you have. Check into local community organizations that could offer social opportunities and other resources.  Reach out to organizations that may provide companionship. Lastly, you may also want to speak to the local sheriff’s office about regular wellness check-ins.

Consider Technological Solutions 

Technology and aging parents are not two concepts that regularly go together but they do when your parent wants to age in place. Technology can be as simple as a response pendant your parent can wear in the event of an emergency. Or, you may want to install smart options in the home that can make your parent’s life easier, such as voice-controlled devices or automatic lighting. There are automated devices to remind people about pills and alert others if they fail to take them.  Even smart watches can be helpful in the event of a fall.

Plan for Transportation

 At some point, you may have to reconsider whether your aging parent can still drive. If driving becomes too worrisome or they cannot get their driver’s license renewed, you will have to consider alternative options. You should look into options for public transportation, ridesharing services, or senior transportation programs. You may also want to look at services and amenities that are within walking distance for your parent.

Our Elder Law Attorney in Dade City Can Provide the Legal Help You Need 

Your aging parent may not need legal advice to age in place, but they will likely have many other issues that a Dade City elder law attorney can help with. At The Law Office of Laurie R. Chane, our experienced attorney can assist with asset protection, planning and administering estates, addressing end-of-life issues, and more. To get the knowledgeable and compassionate advice you need, call us now at 352-567-0055 to schedule a consultation and to get more information for your family.



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